KISS Career Development Award

The KISS Career Development Awards are to recognize statisticians who are in the early stages of their careers and who have demonstrated outstanding productivity and the potential to make significant contributions to the field of statistics. The Awards are given in the KISS Career Development Workshop at JSM meeting every year.

2019 Awardees:

Won Chang (University of Cincinnati)

Hwanhee Hong (Duke University)

Jaehong Jeong (University of Maine)

Yeonhee Park (Medical University of South Carolina)

2017 Awardees:

Ick Hoon Jin (University of Notre Dame)

James Long (Texas A&M University)

2016 Awardees:

Youngdeok Hwang (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)

Sungkyu Jung (University of Pittsburgh)

2015 Awardees:

Jaeun Choi (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Sangbum Choi (University of Texas at Houston)

Dongjun Chung (Medical University of South Carolina)

Hangjoon Kim (University of Cincinnati)

Seonjin Kim (Miami University)

Hyokyoung Hong (Michigan State University)