Your donation will help the Society continue in our mission, allow us to make improvements, and fund awards for students and young researchers.


How to donate to KISS:

You can denote to KISS through Paypal or via check. To donate through PayPal, click the button below:


To donate through a physical check, please follow the procedure below:
1.    Please Inform the president (or the finance director) that you are willing to make a donation. Please see below for the contact information.
2.    The president (or the finance director) will inform you where a check can be sent to.
3.    After receiving the donation, the president will send you an acknowledgement letter with the tax information so that the contribution can be tax deductible.


Whom to contact:

President: Jae-Kwang Kim (Iowa State University), jkim at iastate dot edu
Finance Director: Hang J. Kim (University of Cincinnati), kim3h4 at ucmail dot uc dot edu


Our sincere appreciation for your generous donations to KISS!


Dr. Ji-Hyun Lee, University of Florida, $500

Dr. Jae Kwang Kim, Iowa State University, $600

Statistical Ground Corp. $1,000

Statistics Korea, $3,000


Statistics Korea, $3,000

Dr. Ji-Hyun Lee, University of Florida, $500


Dr. Jae Kwang Kim, Iowa State University, $1,000


Statistics Korea, $3,000

Dr. Eun Suk Park, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, $1,000